Chic Mykonos rooms emitting the authentic Mykonian vibe

A Hotel’s Mykonos luxury rooms are a true hymn to Mykonian architecture, giving off a feeling of serenity and warmth. Combining earthy colours that soothe the senses, wooden furniture touches and minimalist decor, they constitute the ideal setting to relax and unwind after a day of exploring or a night out.

Offering a wide range of amenities for your comfort, the minimally designed rooms are a secluded haven that helps you relish your Mykonos holidays unbothered, away from the crowds. To achieve that, every detail is meticulously planned to add to your unique relaxation experience so you can decompress and truly align with your mind and body.

Elegant yet luxurious at their core, our Mykonos rooms blend the world-renowned Mykonian aesthetics into a modern ambiance with upscale and frequently renovated facilities. With some featuring garden views and others boasting a private pool, all rooms make for an eclectic and safe option for your Mykonos accommodation.